Beyond Your Wildest Genes Academy

Beyond Your Wildest Genes Academy is the brain child of Dr. Noah DeKoyer, Dr. Wanda Lee MacPhee, and Dr. Michael Acanfora. Together they have over 60 years of combined clinical experience in nutrition, exercise physiology, chiropractic and personal development.

With a passion to help others achieve true health, these three doctors have designed workshops for people, like you.

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Being SuperMan is specifically for men. This 4 week workshop specifically answers these questions for guys:

  1. Are you always tired?
  2. Too tired to play with your children? Grandchildren?
  3. Too tired to exercise?
  4. Do the stairs look like Mount Everest?
  5. Too tired to go out with friends?
  6. Too tired for sex? Feel like a chore?
  7. Exhausted by the thought of traveling?
  8. Can’t see your toes when you look down?
  9. Life passing you by just like that last promotion?
  10. Just want to go to your cave (or your recliner or couch)?
  11. Are you just going through the motions with no passion in your life?

Guys, being SuperMan is just for for you – learn how to take charge and get your teenage years back.

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