Incorporate the Nitric Oxide Dump

By Dr. Mercola

Do you have three or four minutes, one to three times a day, to devote to your health? By using that time to engage in one of the best high-intensity exercises out there — the Nitric Oxide Dump — you can improve your mitochondrial health, slowing down age-related muscle decline. The fact is, if you live in the U.S. and work full time, you sit an average of 13 hours a day, then sleep for an average of eight.1 This means you’re sedentary 21 hours of the day!

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Everything You Need to Know About Teas

By Dr. Mercola

What Is Tea and Why Should You Drink It?

What is the most popular drink of all? That’s easy — water. But the second most popular drink is none other than tea, beating out over hundreds of other beverages in the popularity department. This comes as no surprise, as tea has been around for thousands of years, originating from China and subsequently spreading across the world. The oldest proof of tea’s existence reaches as far back as 141 B.C., the estimated death of Emperor Liu Qi. This means that people have been enjoying the benefits of tea even long before it reached the West.

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14 Morning Rituals to Set the Tone for an Incredible Day

You forgot to set your alarm.

As you slowly wake up on your own, you see that the sun is already shining brightly and it’s much later than you anticipated.

Panic sets in as you realize you’re late for everything. You throw on your cleanest outfit, brush your teeth and rush out the door un-showered, hungry and stressed.

While this may be a downright miserable way for anyone to start their day, it’s all too familiar to many of us.

We’ve all experienced the difference between an unintentional morning of stress and chaos, and an intentional morning of tranquility and efficiency.

Your morning routine has the power to set the mood for your entireday.

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