4-Minute Daily Workout

By Dr. Mercola

Four-minute workouts done several times a day — as many times a day as you want (within reason) for maximum benefit — are a new concept for fitness that’s designed to use nitric oxide for muscle growth. Dr. Zach Bush, whose triple-board certification includes expertise in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, says his four-minute workout is efficient anaerobically and the more you do it, the better it works. He developed the Nitric Oxide Dump workout:

How Caffeine Can Increase Anxiety


If you experience anxiety, it might be time to lay off the caffeine. Here’s why.

If you’re prone to racing thoughts, heart palpitations, or sweaty palms, you may already have discovered that caffeine exacerbates anxiety.

“I don’t consider caffeine to be a toxin for most people, but it can be harmful when your brain is overactive,” says Henry Emmons, MD.

Caffeine ramps up anxiety in several ways. First, it interferes with your body’s normal cortisol arc. Cortisol is the body’s natural stimulant — a healthy curve will peak in the morning when you wake up and taper off through the day. Caffeine can keep your cortisol ramped up.

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How the Brain Benefits from Just 8 Weeks of Mindfulness

Written ByBeWellBuzz

A systematic review suggests just 8 weeks of mindfulness based stress reduction leads to brain changes similar to those seen in experienced meditators. Read more in this post from Business Insider!

Practicing mindfulness – spending time paying attention to your current mental experiences in a non-judgmental way – has been associated with many beneficial outcomes, including reduced anxiety and improved decision making (although note, there could be some adverse effects for some people).

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