[BYWG PODCAST BEST OF…] Dr. David Seaman shares the power of The DeFlame Diet – DeFlame your Diet, Body, and Mind.

 Dr. Seaman received a BS in bio/nutrition at Rutgers, then went to New York Chiropractic College. Shortly after graduating, 30 years ago now, he took classes that delved more deeply into pain mechanisms and realized that food-related chemicals cause inflammation and stimulate pain fibers (nociceptors).

Dr. Seaman has written 2 books and many articles and book chapters on the topic of nutrition for pain and inflammation. He has taught this topic in several chiropractic college programs including Palmer, National and Logan. His most recent book is The DeFlame Diet, which was published in April of 2016. More information can be found at www.deflame.com.

Direct link to The DeFlame Diet book.



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Our Book of the Month is F–k Your Feelings: Master Your Mind, Accomplish Anything and Become a More Significant Human by Ryan Munsey

Do you want to truly be your own master, increase your emotional toughness, control your lizard brain, and get more done during your day? Do you want to turn your dreams into action – all the time?

95 percent of decisions are based on feelings. Not logic. Not rational thought. Feelings. Can you feel the pull of emotions, hunger, guilt, pain, jealously, depression, and everything else weighing on every decision that you make?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, regular people looking to get in shape, anyone with a goal that isn’t terrified of tough love – you need to listen to F–k Your Feelings – as soon as possible! In this audiobook you’ll learn how to use personal mind control techniques to control the way your brain is wired, constantly accomplish your goals, and feel MORE pleasure during the day.

You cannot control your instincts until you understand how they work – PERIOD.

Learn how to apply the fundamentals of emotional control so that you can uplift yourself ON COMMAND, fight through periods of stress and torment, and give yourself long-term satisfaction and peace.

What pragmatic and actionable tactics will you learn?

  • The one four letter word that practically guarantees you’ll fail at whatever you do.
  • The real nature of emotions, and the 20-minute exercise we can take to give ourselves lasting joy throughout the day.
  • Why eating one marshmallow at the wrong time can ruin your relationships and cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Why play, safety, and something called the VAGUS NERVE is critical for your performance in life.
  • The “everything is everything” moment that will separate you from 92 percent of people – in the entire world.

Also the following insights:

  • How to survive and recover when your brain is HOOKED on dopamine, fear, amusement, and other toxic drugs.
  • The actual, CONTROLLABLE physical property that decides whether you’re a dreamer, or a doer!
  • How feeling threatened or insecure can actually make you sluggish, lazy, and TRAPPED in failure.
  • How to interact with your phone, tablet and computer without wrecking your back, eyes, and heart.
  • And so much more!

Here’s what this book ISN’T: this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, a business plan, or some touchy-feely nonsense about touching your inner self. This is about building the most consistent element in any business – YOURSELF.

How will your business improve?

  • Be more focused throughout the day.
  • Gain the ability to say NO to temptation when it comes.
  • HACK your brain so that you’re always energized and pumped up
  • NEVER be outside your comfort zone or afraid of a challenge.

Implement these techniques and watch your profits skyrocket.