5 Conscious Habits to Transform Your Body

Whether you’re driving, sitting at your computer, in a meeting, on the couch, in the kitchen…Bringing awareness to how you’re using your body in any given moment is insightful, empowering and absolutely transformational.By being mindful of your physical experience, and practicing the habits below, you can begin to experience greater levels of strength, balance, serenity and wellness…

1. Breathe Consciously

Conscious breathing is something yogis have practiced for centuries… they say that only 10% of yoga is the posture, and 90% is the breath. And when it comes to your body, breathing deeply can very well be the “one action that causes all others to fall into place.”

When you focus energy on your breath, you cause a meditative effect that permeates your entire being, automatically aligning the individual parts of your body into one holistically centered whole. Diaphragmatic breathing (or “belly breathing”) also cleanses the blood, massages internal organs, and elevates your mood.

Try this: expand your breath to five counts inhale, five counts exhale, while relaxing and softening your body. Smooth all the “kinks” out of your breath and get it as fluid as possible. Practice this for just 5 minutes and notice the incredible difference in your mind, body and emotions!

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Moringa Goes Mainstream

By Dr. Mercola

The moringa tree may not be one that’s familiar to the average American, but in tropical and subtropical areas surrounding the Himalayas, as well as India, Asia, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, it’s earned favorable ratings for multiple reasons.There are many reasons why moringa has been dubbed a “miracle plant,” although in some regions the large tree is called “horseradishtree” or “drumstick tree.” In the areas of the world like those listed above and many others, it’s the most important nutrition source available, and has been for centuries. It’s also earned a reputation as a traditional herbal medicine.Multiple uses for every part of the tree, including the seeds, leaves, flowers, fruit (pods), bark and roots, make the Moringa oleifera tree remarkably notable and valuable, as it’s effective as a medicine and food (described as having a “spicy green flavor similar to Matcha”1) and has many other uses one might not think of immediately in terms of a viable agricultural endeavor.Two examples are the leaves, which can even be used as a biofertilizer, and the seeds can act as a water purifier. Further, the tree’s unique phytochemicals form a natural defense mechanism against pests that might attack it, as well as environmental stress, and it not only grows rapidly, but also tolerates drought — undoubtedly an asset in the areas it grows — plus the leaves can be harvested year-round.

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7 Small Ways to Show Your Partner Appreciation

By Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psy.D., LCPC

Many times we take for granted that our partner knows that we love and appreciate them. We just assume that they can read our minds that the things that we do every day let them know that we care, and that we don’t have to say the words because, “they just know.” Unfortunately, this is not the case. As far as I can tell, most of us cannot read each other’s minds, the things that we do each day, are just the things that we do each day, and the words are something that we actually crave to hear. Sometimes it is the small things that mean the most, and that can really show your partner how much you appreciate them. Here are just a few minor suggestions:

1. Create “me time” for them”:

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