Fascia: What Is It & How to Take Care of It

Written By BeWellBuzz

“Fascia” has been making the rounds as a hot new topic in many health-related fields. However, most people are unaware of just what exactly fascia is and why it affects our health so dramatically. Here are the ins and outs of fascia as well as some tips and tricks for keeping your fascia in check and staying in optimum health.

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It’s Not You, It’s Science! Why You Can’t Stick to Your Diet at Night


We’ve all been there: eating like a totally normal, reasonable person in the daytime, then derailing your diet by ordering pizza at 10 p.m.

Well it turns out there is a reason you behave this way: New research confirms you have a finite amount of self-control that slowly depletes throughout the day, explaining pretty much everything, right?

Texas A&M scientists conducted two experiments to test whether using a lot of self-control during one task left participants with less of it to use during a second task.

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Lifebook’s Annual Year-End Reflection Ceremony

We have been doing this exercise for past 10 years. It is a wonderful tool for reflecting on the past year, while also looking forward to next year.

There’s something absolutely magical about this time of year: the twinkling lights, cozy fires, joyous cheer being spread by everyone, and perhaps most exciting of all, the anticipation of turning the page of our lives to a brand new chapter.

It’s a season of celebration, love, and self-reflection.

In honor of this magical time, we have a reflection ritual here at Lifebook that takes place each December.

Here’s how you can join us…