How to Get a Full-Body Workout With Just a Chair


Can’t make it to the gym? Have no fear: Your chair workout is here! With these 15 exercises, you can work out from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to buy an expensive set of DVDs or purchase bulky fitness equipment. So grab a chair (or bench or step or anything else similar in height and stability) and get ready for a full-body workout you can do in your living room (or get all crazy and take it outside to a park bench). Either do all of these exercises in the order they’re laid out below, or mix and match your favorites. Say goodbye to those excuses not to work out — and get ready to sweat.

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Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Weight Gain, Not Weight Loss


If you’re trying to watch your weight or just be healthier in general, choosing artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose and stevioside over real sugar might seem like a good idea.

After all, consuming too much sugar is linked to complications like obesity, diabetes and heart disease, so wouldn’t it make sense to go for the alternative? According to new research, maybe not!

A new scientific review of 37 previously published studies published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal maintains that there is no evidence that nonnutritive (zero calorie) sweeteners aid in weight loss and could actually be responsible for health problems later on.

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How To Discover Your Purpose (And Align Yourself With It Every Day)

by Daniel Dowling

It sounds like a big, rather nebulous task, to “align with one’s purpose.” But I’ve found it takes only five minutes to align with my purpose each morning. And when I do it, I always find a way to blast through negativity and difficulty while giving my absolute best to the day’s tasks. That’s because I’m working toward the things that are closest to my heart—that inspire me to contribute to a bigger picture.

My purpose today is to share writing and coaching that is packed with value, truth, inspiration, encouragement, and hope with millions of people and to inspire those people to make self-love and self-improvement a lifestyle by committing to a year of being successfully single.

That’s pretty damn specific. And because of its specificity, I automatically know what the most important things are to accomplish. I fix my eyes on the finish line, and then I’m running toward it all day—writing, brainstorming, taking awesome care of myself, coaching, and working on my business.

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