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You are finding it harder to dig for the energy to do what needs doing.

You are waking up tired.

Your are having trouble with that stubborn 10 , 20 or 50 lbs that appeared over the last few years.

You want to feel like you “used to”…more enthusiasm, a greater sex drive, higher productivity and more joy.

You want the next 10, 20, and 30+ years to be full of health and vitality, rewarding relationships, and professional success.

You want to regain the energy and drive to put your ideas into action at work, at home, and in the community.

You’re looking for a clear, practical, and actionable path to better health — one tailored to your needs as a man.

You want your full POWER back!

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We’ve put together a collection of 12 powerful online modules to release your inner SuperMan.

You’ll get THREE in-depth modules per week for 4 weeks for a total of 12 sessions, including videos, interactive exercises and interactive programs, trusted resource references, and more.

Of course, you can complete them at your own pace.  All 12 modules are delivered to you and you can marathon them in a weekend or space over a year.  Do what works for your life and lifestyle.

You’ll also receive 14 additional bonus videos and mp3s full of ways to increase your longevity and build your vitality, featuring top experts from around the world.  These alone are worth more than the program cost!

You’ll have an in person connection to the BYWG doctors via our private, members-only Facebook group if you want additional accountability, guidance, and opportunities for support and sharing.

With more than 60 years of combined clinical experience in nutrition, exercise physiology, chiropractic, and personal development, the doctors at Beyond Your Wildest Genes are passionate about helping you achieve complete health.

Dr. Michael had used these tools in his life to lose 100 lbs and gain un-imagined energy and vitality back in his life.  Dr. Noah has been using these strategies for years.  Dr. Wanda Lee has spent over 25 years in private practice guiding practice members and patients with these very same tools and techniques for better health.  This is tested and it works.

Dr. Noah, Dr. Wanda Lee, and Dr. Michael created The Pain Relief Project, The Longevity and Anti-Aging Project, and the Being SuperMan and Goddess programs.

They also host the free Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast – heard in more than 100 countries by more than 1 million subscribers.

Includes the newly created,
20 page bonus ebook,
Being Superman!

Week 1 – Emotional Foundations for Power and Focus

  • The Value Proposition
  • Stress – The Good, The Bad, and The Solutions
  • Stress Impact Assessment Tool
  • Focus, Power and Productivity
  • Daily Objective Record
  • Weekly Objective Record
  • Yearly Professional Objectives Record
  • Yearly Personal Objectives Record
  • Yearly Summary and Review

Bonus Material:

  • BONUS 1 – Dissolve the Root Cause of Stress with Dr. Nima Rahmany
  • BONUS 2 – The Champion’s Blueprint with Dr. Jeff Spencer
  • BONUS 3 – The Role of Emotional Trauma in Aging and Reduced Lifespan with Niki Gratrix

Week 2 – Chemistry for Masculinity

  • You Become What You Eat
  • Kitchen and Pantry Purge Guide
  • Stocking Your Kitchen Guide
  • WholeFoods Guide
  • Reducing Toxins for More Energy
  • Toxic Products Guide
  • Using Essential Oils for Body and Home Care
  • Testosterone 101

Bonus Material

  • BONUS 1 – BulletProof Approach to Longevity and Anti-Aging with Dave Asprey
  • BONUS 2 – Paleo, Your Heart and Longevity with Dr. Jack Wolfson
  • BONUS 3 – Super Brain, Longevity and Anti-Aging with Dr. David Jockers
  • BONUS 4 – The Role of Smart Fat in Anti-Aging with Jonny Bowden

Week 3 – Physical Vitality for Men

  • Sleep: The Secret to Strength
  • Resource Guide
  • Exercises for Masculine Vitality
  • Key Exercises for Masculine Vitality
  • Sitting is the New Smoking
  • Desk exercises for energy

Bonus Material

  • BONUS 1 – Natural Posture with Esther Gokhale
  • BONUS 2 – Ready to Run with Dr Kelly Starrett
  • BONUS 3 – Sleep: The Modern Hack to Better Health with Dr. Kirk Parsley
  • BONUS 4 – Stop Chasing Pain with Dr. Perry Nickelston

Week 4 – Tying it ALL Together

  • The Time Myth – you have time to be healthier!
  • Time log study
  • Finding Your Why Worksheet
  • From Caveman to Superman
  • Resources List
  • The Greatest Secret Revealed

Bonus Materials

  • BONUS 1 – Creating a RoadMap with Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock
  • BONUS 2 – The Breakthrough Experience with Dr. John DeMartini
  • BONUS 3 – The Role of the Microbiome in Health and Longevity with Dr. Raphael Kellman
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Includes the newly created,
20 page bonus ebook,
Being Superman!