Enjoy our 10 most popular interviews with experts in living a better life naturally, pain-free!

We are on a mission to create a healthier planet and we are thrilled that you are joining us.

One of our first projects was focussed on helping people overcome life limitations due to pain.  It is a common complaint at every age.  For this project, we interviewed 27 experts and expanded the conversation into all areas of health that relate to pain – physical, nutritional/chemical and emotional/spiritual.  It was an incredible experience both for us as hosts and for the tens of thousands of people around the world who joined our live event.

We have gathered 10 of the most popular presentations to share with you in this special BONUS and have included both the audio AND written transcripts of the interviews for you in this package.


This bonus is only available to those who who registered for The Longevity and Anti-Aging Project!

Here are our 10 bonus speakers:

  1. Daniel Pompa
  2. Dave Asprey
  3. Jeff Spencer
  4. Kelly Starrett
  5. Patrick Gentempo
  6. Perry Nickelston
  7. Robb Wolf
  8. Suzy Cohen
  9. Terry Wahls
  10. Tom O’Bryan

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We appreciate you for sharing in our mission to create a healthier world.  Thanks for letting us partner with you in your health and well-being!

Dr. Wanda Lee, Dr. Michael and Dr. Noah