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All of our Beyond Your Wildest Genes Nutrition supplements and formulas are custom-designed by the doctors and created specifically so that we know exactly what is in your supplements – no unnecessary fillers, no cheap substitutions and only what you expect with high quality and value.

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Want to know more about these supplements?

You know we love to share what we know and have used our expertise, experience and training to make these choices to empower yourself! Click on the links below to read more about each supplement, see the exact ingredients in each formula and learn why we choose each ingredient:

  1. Stress Rebalancer
    • Herbal, vitamin and mineral support that rebalances the effects of stress on the body, nervous system and endocrine systems.
  2. Burst of Sunshine – Vitamin D3
    • Cholecalciferol form – one of the most essential nutrients and top recommendation for many.
  3. Turmeric Boost (BCM-95 *TM)
    • A highly absorbable form of turmeric with less stomach upset.
  4. Digestive Boost
    • Specific enzyme support for improved breakdown of gluten, dairy, protein and more.
  5. Probiotic Power Blend
    • 9 top strains of probiotic, the key strains identified in research for effectiveness and support of the gut microflora.
  6. Bone Health PLUS
    • Calcium, Magnesium and what you need to absorb and utilize these key minerals.
  7. Joint Formula PLUS
    • Glucosamine, MSM and joint support minerals to enhance utilization along with inflammation reduction.
  8. Magnesium Glycinate
    • The #1 deficiency identified in the North American population is magnesium.  This one is easier on the tummy and absorbs effectively.

There are also links on each product page to the BYWG Nutrition Research Library.  Click on each supplement above to access our Library pages and the published science that goes behind each and every decision in customizing effective products.

Quality, affordability and effectiveness are the three key standards for all of our custom-created supplements and products so you can be assured that there are no unnecessary “fillers” or substandard ingredients chosen.

All of our formulations are hand-blended in small batches (less than 100 bottles) so we can control the quality and quantity of each capsule most effectively.  You get what is on the label and that is not always the case!

Let us recommend the best choices for your nutrition dollars!  Take our Nutrition Consultation Quiz here and prioritize your nutrition based specifically on YOUR needs, concerns and health history.