[BYWG BEST OF…] Dan Millman and the Complete Peaceful Warrior’s Way

[BYWG BEST OF…] Dan Millman and the Complete Peaceful Warrior’s Way

Dan Millman – a former world champion athlete, Stanford University coach, martial arts instructor and Oberlin College professor – has authored 16 books published in 29 languages, including his classic, Way of the Peaceful Warrior (released as a film with Nick Nolte by Universal in 2007). A popular international speaker, Dan has influenced people from all walks of life. Learn more about his books, speaking events and online courses, audio programs and life-purpose guidance at: www.PeacefulWarrior.com


The BYWG Book of the Month for August 2020 is The Serpent and the Butterfly – The Seven Laws of Healing

by Dr. Ben Reebs.

In The Serpent & The Butterfly: The Seven Laws of Healing, Dr. Ben Reebs offers a life-altering perspective on the attainment of optimal health. Learn about the seven laws of nature and how to live in harmony with the body.

When we work with rather than against our innate healing capacity, well-being and good health spring forth naturally, and normal structure and function can be restored.

The epidemic of chronic disease can be stopped in its tracks when patients and practitioners adapt and implement this new paradigm of health.

Purchase link: CLICK HERE

Our Highlighted Program for the Month of August is from our friend the Soul Inspired Gurl Dr. Laura Foster.  The program is called Reclaim Your Voice and the 15% discount code for our listeners is BYWG.

From Dr Laura’s Website:

This program is an extension of my own personal journey of feeling called to turn up the volume of my own voice to speak my absolute truth – for my own reasons, honouring and growth.  What started as my own path has evolved into a program that speaks to the heart of women. 

And I’m so thrilled to be launching an upgraded format of my beta RECLAIM program I unveiled to 60 women in June 2020.


Whatever motivates you to speak your truth with more courage, confidence and conviction, I invite you to join RECLAIM YOUR VOICE: a 21-day online series for women who are ready to explore what it means to use your voice, to speak your truth, to dance with your fear, to find your subconscious roadblocks and to step into a greater, more aligned sense of self.

During this series, you will have access to SIX live online webinars led by Dr. Laura Foster.  The lessons will include:

Day 1 | Why Your Voice Matters 

Day 2 | Courage & Connection

Day 3 | Fact or Feeling / Truth or Belief?

Day 4 | Reframe. Refocus. Renew 

Day 5 | Own Your Voice 

BONUS 6th Session | Group Meeting – Removing Roadblocks & Celebrating Success


Our August Supplement of the Month is Vitamin C Boost.  

Vitamin C Boost is a unique blend of ascorbic acid blended with the natural whole foo d sourced Acerola (Brazilian Cherry) rich in vitamin C, bioflavonoids, magnesium and more. Our Boost has the added healing power of glutathione and grapeseed extract along with the power of zinc. Immune enhancing and collagen joint and disc repair are two of the many reasons this supplement is recommended for so many.

For the entire month of August if you use this code boost10  (case sensitive) you will receive 10% off this incredible new formulation.


CHECK IT OUT:  CLICK HERE  or if you are local you can pick it up at the office just mention the special code