[BYWG BLOG] These Are 4 Exercises You Can Easily Do with Your Kids

As many parents know, time is a commodity! And often, we just don’t have quite enough.

With the kids home from school, you probably have even less “YOU” time than usual.  Which means that you probably have less time to do your own workout or exercise routine.

So here is a trick: incorporate your children into your workout. 


This is a win-win because it will allow you to continue working towards your fitness goals AND will teach your children to value and enjoy exercise. 


Plus, it will give you something to do with your kids, keep them occupied, and burn off some of their energy. 


The beauty of fitness is that it is good for EVERYONE. 


Whether you have toddlers or middlers – you can adapt your exercise routine to include them. 

(If you have teenagers, ask them to work out with you and just teach them your regular routine.)


Here are 4 simple exercises that you can do with your kids:

💪 Squats & Side-steps

If you have toddlers, place toys in a straight line across the room and have them stand at the beginning of the line at the first toy. Tell them to squat to pick it up, stand up, sidestep to the next toy, squat to put one toy down and pick up another. As they are doing this – you should stand across from them and do your own squats and side-step squats. 

For middlers, you might not need the toys so you could put pieces of paper in a line and tell them to squat and touch the paper.

💪 High Steps

Put on some music and make it a challenge. Once the song starts, everyone does high steps for as long as they can. Whoever can do them the longest wins. Maybe even let your toddler win the first time so that he or she is more excited about it. Then when you do it a second time, they will try to do it for longer to “beat” you again. Keep going until the song is over – and if they need a break then that is okay!

💪 Race Around The Yard

Sounds simple. It is! Put plastic plates, plastic cups, toys, etc. in various spots around the yard. Have a different type of item for each person. One person assigned to plates, one to cups, etc. Tell the kids that it is a race to run as fast as they can (super-cat speed) to collect all of the items that are assigned to them. They will run to the item, grab it, bring back to a “home base” and then run to the next item. You will do the same but first touch each item and then on a second loop, grab the item. (Lunge to get each item instead of bending at the waist.)

💪 Push-ups, Jumping Jacks, Planks, and Crunches

Put on music. That way, if your toddler gets distracted from the exercises, he or she can just dance! If you put on songs that your middler likes, he or she will be more in tune to what you are doing. Show the kids how to do push-ups, jumping jacks, and crunches. 

For toddlers, if they aren’t able to do something, ask them if they can count how many you are doing. This will let them practice their numbers, too! Tell them that you will do as many exercises (or hold your plank) as high as they can count… and if they can’t count very high yet then just keep going and let them restart at 1. 

For middlers, make it a competition or challenge to see who can do the most of each. 

You can motivate them with a prize for completing the work out with you. 


What kinds of physical activities do you enjoy doing with your kids?