[BYWG BLOG] 6 Emotional Health Perks of Exercising

We all know that exercise is good for our bodies. 

Exercise helps us to build muscles, manage weight, prevent diseases, and maintain a strong and healthy body. 

But did you know that exercise is also good for your emotional health?


Here are six emotional health perks to exercising:

🌟 Your body releases “feel-good” hormones (endorphins) and lowers stress hormones when you exercise. Exercise acts as a natural mood-lifter and can lower anxiety and depression. 

🌟 Exercising can increase your emotional stability. Setting goals and overcoming obstacles prepares you to manage stress and challenges in other areas of your life.

🌟 Working out allows you to release negative energy. Whether you are actively focusing on that release (through yoga and cleansing exercises) or you are burning off some steam in a fast paced or cardio work-out – exercise is a great way to release tension, frustration, anger, and stress. 

🌟 Exercising provides a sense of accomplishment and an increase in self esteem. When you plan to work out and follow through with that plan, your confidence in your own abilities increases. 

🌟 Working out has positive effects on your emotional independence. You alone are responsible for your body. Nobody else can work out for you. Taking control of your own health increases your assertiveness and sense of autonomy.


Exercise is good for the heart AND soul!


What emotional health benefits do you notice when you exercise?

Do you notice a change when you don’t exercise for a period of time?