[BYWG BLOG] Build More Than Muscle

Sure, regular exercise will likely result in…

… stronger muscles (if you are putting enough stress on your muscles) 

… less fat (if your diet is decent)

… a sustainable weight

… and healthier bones, joints, heart and body in general


But working out builds more than muscle and a healthy body!


In fact, a consistent exercise routine can help to build positive habits, improve your behavior and build character.


Habits are at the root of all lasting change.

And healthy habits are the foundation of self growth. 


When you repeatedly do something day in and day out, you build confidence in your ability to be consistent and achieve big goals.


And physical healthy habits have multiple benefits on your development as an individual.

Having a consistent exercise routine increases:

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Accountability

📅 Reliability

🤝 Commitment

🏅 Sense of accomplishment

✋ Confidence

💪 Self-Esteem

🤗 Self worth


Are you ready to build more than muscle?