[BYWG Blog] Deep Question-What is your WHY?

Having a goal is not enough.


Just having a goal will not stop you from quitting

It won’t push you when things get hard.


You have to have a why – and it has to be a strong enough WHY…


Get real with why you want your goals to happen.


Connect them to what really matters to you.


If you are having trouble with your why… try asking yourself why 5 times. 


This helps get past the surface and dig into your strong WHY that will keep you going when things get hard – because they will! 


For example, I want to lose weight.




I want to fit into my clothes again and feel confident and attractive


Why do you want to feel that way?


Because I want to go out with my wife again and rekindle our relationship.


Why is that important to you?


We have just been in a rut and I want her to be attracted to me again.


You get the idea…