[BYWG BLOG] How Can You find your WHY

It is easy to set some abstract goal. 


But if we want lasting success…

 if we want to keep going when the going gets tough…


 we HAVE to connect our goals to what really matters to us.


In Simon Sinek’s book, Finding Your Why, he talks about three lessons or ways to find your why.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

  1. Draw upon stories and experiences from your past to uncover what you are really passionate about.

    Talk with a friend and share a handful of stories that get you excited and inspired. Chances are your why is in there and you will get closer to discovering your purpose/calling.

  2. Use your HOW to implement your WHY.

    In order to live your why, you have to be able to know how to act and think. Past behavior can give you a good idea of how you should best go about living it. Think about how you work, how you perform best, and what skills you have that help you to do so.

  3. Share your why with the world!

    It will constantly remind you of your why and hold you accountable. And you may just inspire others to start searching for their own WHY.


What is a big goal you have for this year and WHY is it important to you?