[BYWG BLOG] How Sleep Can Change The Way That You Handle Stress

Want to know a health “secret weapon” that can boost brain power, increase energy, reduce stress, and tap into weight loss? 

So what is this magical thing that we are speaking of?

It’s not a wonder drug, it’s not a diet pill, and it’s not a new caffeine source…


⭐ It’s sleep! ⭐

But before you say, “Yeah, yeah, I get it” and move on, we promise you, you’re going to want to keep reading.

 If you’re someone who gets little to no sleep, this is for you. Right now.

Just 1 or 2 hours of less sleep at night can result in:

– Reduced reasoning and problem-solving skills

– Less productivity at work

– Higher risk of getting into a car accident

– Poor interactions with others, excessive moodiness, and even the  development of depression

– Increased stress hormones causing easy weight gain, strong appetite, and lack of control over eating habits.


That doesn’t sound like the way I’d like to spend this summer (or any season, for that matter!)

Waking up well-rested can result in:

– Clear and focused thoughts

– Quicker reflexes

– Increased energy to accomplish more tasks

– Balanced hormones, allowing appetite and cravings to decrease, and weight loss to occur easily.


So how do you get that Sleeping Beauty quality sleep?

Here are some tips:

👉 Use dark out curtains and an eye mask to eliminate light

👉  If your partner snores, try wearing earplugs

👉 Don’t drink caffeine past 10 am

👉 Eliminate eating right before bed

👉 Eliminate blue light screens at least an hour before bed (this can be done by using blue light blocker glasses or turning off the blue light on your phone/computer)

👉 Do exercise at some point in the day (just not at least 2 hours before bed)

So, does more snooze-time sound like a good-time?!

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Drop a 😴 below if you’re going to make an effort to get more sleep this season!