[BYWG Blog] How You Can Create a Negative Energy Balance

(To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you take in, aka create a negative energy balance)


👊 Build muscle with weight training (about 3-5 hours of total exercise each week) and proper nutrition

👊 Create muscle damage with intense weight training

👊 Maximize post workout energy expenditure by using high intensity exercise

👊 Regular program change to force new stimuli and adaptations

👊 Boost non-exercise physical activity (Move more!)

👊 Increase thermic effect of feeding by increasing unprocessed food intake

👊 Eat at regular intervals throughout the day

👊 Eat lean protein at regular intervals throughout the day

👊 Eat vegetables and/or fruit at regular intervals

👊 Incorporate omega-3 fats

👊 Incorporate multiple exercise modes

👊 Stay involved with “life” outside of exercise and nutrition

👊 Sleep 7-9 hours each night

👊 Don’t engage in extreme diets for risk of long-term overcompensation

👊 Stay consistent with habits

👊 Ignore food advertising