[BYWG Blog] The Little Known, Best Kept Secrets to Weight Loss

Success looks different to everyone. 


Here are eight of BYWG’s BEST kept secrets for weight loss success. 😉


🏆 Determine your goals and develop a plan. 

Stick to your plan the best you can. Adjust your plan as needed.


🏆 Find activities and exercises that you enjoy. 

Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy the activity at the highest point of exertion, you should at least enjoy what you are doing enough to not dread it or dislike it. 


🏆 Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Discomfort will move you forward. Comfort keeps you the same. Discomfort is part of the process of change.

The more you put yourself out there and embrace discomfort, the further along in life you will be.


🏆 Start small and give yourself time.

Develop a plan that makes sense for your abilities, challenges your body in a healthy and safe way, and introduces change in increments. 

You will burn out if you try to make too many changes too quickly or try to complete workouts that are too hard for you. But also don’t stay stagnant. Your workout should grow with you. 


🏆 Choose balanced meals. 

Opt for lean protein, wholesome carbs and healthy fats in every meal.

If you are working out a lot but aren’t making healthy diet choices, you most likely will not see the results that you want.


🏆 Learn to manage your mind and “tune into your body.”

People who develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, food, and fitness have built the skills – through practice – that allow them to be mindful, pay attention to their emotions, and tune into their body’s signals.

The skill of “listening to your body and learning what works for you” — is just that, a skill. And, with practice, can be developed and improved upon.


🏆 Rest. 

Your body needs rest and sleep in order to fully recover and function at full capacity. 


🏆 Be consistent.