[BYWG BLOG] Wanna Know How Your Mind Affects Your Body?

You are experiencing the mind-body connection when your mouth waters as you smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked bread. 


When you feel butterflies in the pit of your stomach right before standing up in front of a crowd to speak.


When you are so anxious that you cannot sleep or concentrate.


Sometimes the mind-body connection is good. Like smiling because you feel happiness.


Other times, it can be not so good. Like suffering from a heart attack due to personal stress levels.


We can use our minds to calm our bodies and our bodies to calm our minds. 


We can also use our minds to stress our bodies and our bodies to energize our minds. 


Numerous studies have shown that quieting the mind with meditation, yoga, and relaxation techniques offers a variety of beneficial responses. Quieting the mind reduces heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, stress, anxiety and depression. It also clears negative thoughts and heals the body.


When you can get your mind (and common anxious thoughts) out of the way – your body can relax and do a better job of healing and strengthening itself. 


Do you find quiet time in your day or practice yoga or meditation frequently?