[BYWG BLOG] Water 101

Health experts say that you should drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day. But it can be hard to hit this mark. 

The truth is, most of us need to drink more water! 


And a lot of us may not realize all of the health benefits to drinking water. You know that your body needs water to stay hydrated. But do you know all of the ways in which you actually benefit from staying hydrated?

Well step into OUR classroom! This is Water 101. 😜


Here are some of the many ways in which water can make your life better: 


✅ Better Exercise

When you are hydrated, you can last longer and go harder in your workout. Your muscles lose water when you sweat so by staying hydrated, you increase the life of your workout and maintain muscle stamina. Drinking enough water will also prevent cramping and strains. 


✅ Potential for Weight Loss

While water itself does not cause weight-loss, it can provide an assist. Choosing to drink water instead of beer, wine, or sugary sodas and juices will lower your intake of empty calories. Drinking water before a meal will also make you feel like you are full and can make portion control easier. 


✅ Better Digestion

Often times, constipation is a side effect of not drinking enough water. Staying hydrated will prevent this from occurring and allow for better digestion. 


✅ Prevent or Ease Headaches

Dehydration can cause headaches. Staying hydrated can limit the number or headaches that you have – and drinking water when you get a headache can help to ease the pain. 


✅ Maintain Memory

Studies have shown that healthy hydration is linked to maintaining a healthy memory as you age. So remember – drink more water!


✅ Flushes Toxins

Have you ever gotten a massage? One of the first things that they tell you is to drink lots of water. This is because they are releasing toxins from your muscles and your body needs water to flush toxins. Staying hydrated allows your body to flush toxins, which benefits almost every system in your body – including your skin!


✅ Kidney Function

Your kidneys are the waste management center for your body. They process and move our waste and urine to the proper next steps and need enough water in our bodies to do so. 


✅ Your Appearance

Dehydration can cause circles under your eyes, limp hair, dull skin, and acne. Hydration can make a huge difference in your appearance. 


So stay hydrated, my friends!


What are some things that you do to remind yourself to drink enough water?