[BYWG Blog] What You CAN Do To Encourage Healthy Eating In Your Kids

“You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.”


There is a website called https://writingexplained.org and it explains this phrase as: 


“You can show someone something that will benefit him, but you can’t force him to accept it. People, like horses, will do as they will.”


As parents, we cannot force our children to like certain foods or to physically chew and swallow that food. 


We cannot control other people – yes, even our little people…


But we CAN control what we do. We can encourage, teach, model, and discipline.


It is the parents’ role to:


…. continuously put healthy and wholesome foods in front of kids.


…. Set regular meal times and eat as a family.


…. Include children in the food preparation, table setting, and clean up.


…. Teach about healthy foods and how they work in our bodies (example: too much sugar is not good for your teeth, healthy dinners make you strong and give you energy, etc.)


…. Avoid or limit fast food restaurants and processed snacks.


Kids need balanced diets that include all of the food groups. And most kids consume three meals and one to three snacks throughout the day.