[BYWG BLOG] You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet (And HOW We can help!)

Have you ever rewarded yourself with a sweet treat or something unhealthy just because you had a great workout? 

 It’s common. 

Many people believe that because they exercise, they are in the “negative” as far as their calorie input/output goes. 


Keep in mind though that for weight loss … 

Calories out must be MORE than calories in. 


Or another way of saying it… calories in must be LESS than calories out. 


Unfortunately, this sort of thinking is just a way to rationalize making unhealthy choices or overeating. 


Most people with a lean body and a 6 pack didn’t get that by justifying their way to the buffet table. 😉


Keeping your calorie input/output in check may sounds simple enough but the reality is that many people have no idea how many calories they consume on an average day. And it is nearly impossible for us to truly know how many calories our bodies are burning each day.


Here are a few reasons why accurately counting calories is darn near impossible:


➡️ People tend to underestimate how much they eat. 

➡️ People tend to overestimate the number of calories they burn.

➡️ Calories out or burned is so individualized (Thank you, Metabolism). Two people can do the exact same workout and burn different amounts of calories. Just like two people can eat the exact same meals and one can lose weight while another doesn’t lose a pound. 


The truth is that 30 minutes of the hardest, fastest workout around will likely not cancel out the late night ice cream sundae binge.


Do the math.


Let’s look at the numbers. 


An average one hour workout of moderately intensive exercise will burn 300-400 calories. That’s one hour of hard work with plenty of sweating and hard breathing. 


Now, say on the way home from the gym, you decide to grab a Big Mac and a medium soda from McDonalds.


In about 5 minutes, you’ve consumed 760 calories (540 from the burger and 220 from the soda). 


The bottom line is you simply can’t out train a bad diet. 


If you try to fight a bad diet with exercise, the exercise will lose every time. 


The only way to lose weight and get a lean, healthy body is exercise AND eat a healthy diet.


Exercise builds muscle and can increase your metabolism, but you won’t lose weight if you continually eat more than you can metabolize (burn off.)


Weight loss is driven by diet and maintained by exercise.