[BYWG Blog] You Must Mix Up Your Workouts For The Best Results

If you are doing the same workout all the time, you are no longer expending as much energy (calories) as when you started. 


This is because the human body works very hard to adapt/maintain homeostasis… which means your body gets better at the workout so that it does not have to work as hard.


A certain level of stress must be placed on the body’s muscles and joints in order to create adaptations to allow for lean muscle growth.


Studies have consistently shown that high intensity interval training (HIIT) stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to burn more fat as compared to steady-state exercise.


Not only does HIIT optimize fat burning during a relatively short exercise session (20-30 minutes), it actually keeps your metabolism elevated long after you’ve stopped.


Strength training is also important to add to your workout routine.


Having more muscle speeds up your metabolism because it burns calories at a faster rate than fat.


So, if you feel like your diet is on point but you are not seeing the results you want from exercise, consider if you…. 


1) have changed your workout lately


2) are balancing strength training and high-intensity cardio


3) are giving yourself enough rest to recover and repair properly (muscle repair and grow during rest)


Every person is unique. While there are tips, techniques and best practices when it comes to fitness and nutrition, you will only know what is best for you by trying different things and seeing how your body responds. 


It is like a science experiment. 


In order to know what works BEST for you right now, you have to try various things and make an educated decision (how you feel, is it sustainable, are you moving towards your goal, ect.)


What do you currently do for exercise??