[BYWG BLOG]How You CAN make things happen: Take action every day & let go of perfection!

In order to make your goals happen well, you have to take small steps forward every day.


You have to take action.

Sure, there will be setbacks along the way. You might fail. Goals are messy. Life is messy. Get used to it.


Don’t wait for things to be perfect or until you feel “ready”.


Start taking baby steps towards those big goals and dreams.


Take action… Take imperfect action.


The first time you do something probably won’t be wildly amazing or successful, but it is never going to be great if it was never put into action.


Get comfortable with imperfection action.


Focus on progress not perfection.


And, keep in mind… if you are not failing now and then, you probably are not learning much – or setting big enough goals!


Taking small steps forward everyday is where the magic truly happens.


Let go of perfection and enjoy the journey.