Our patients and clients depend on us for excellence just like they depend on you.  What would it take to deliver on the promise? That’s the question we asked ourselves. 

What would it take to find supplements that we could honestly recommend as Chiropractors dedicated to supporting the body’s ability to heal itself AND function at its highest level with the least amount of interference?  Recommending supplements that addressed valid clinical need but at the cost of adding unnecessary and potentially harmful additives and preservatives was simply not congruent with our philosophy of healing and wellness.  Our philosophy in supplements and nutrition is based on our Chiropractic premises. Quality and transparency are our core values, unfortunately not everyone shares those goals in this industry.  

Through our collective 60+ years of experience as Chiropractors, we have led our patients in their quest to live their best life.  We support their Chiropractic care by offering solid advice and support to level up their health, wellness, nutrition in order to be their best version of themselves.  We also know that missing vital chemical components and necessary cofactors creates interference with normal healing and homeostatic processes in the body.  In addition to a properly functioning and coordinated nervous system (and better physical wellbeing) there are components of chemical and emotional well-being that interplay with our work as Chiropractors to support the body to heal itself from the inside, out.  

  • Where could we find effective, affordable, transparent and trustworthy supplements that we believed in? 
  • Where were the supplements that we could confidently recommend to our patients, family and friends? 
  • Who offered supplements with no fillers/chemicals/preservatives? 
  • Where were the supplements with the highest quality ingredients?
  • Who could ensure no exposure to common allergens like dairy, soy, wheat/gluten, corn and nuts?
  • Who was providing the most complete ingredient formulations?

And the solution is…us!  Sometimes, if you want something done right, you really do have to do it yourself.

We have been working over the past several years creating and compounding our own Beyond Your Wildest Genes Nutrition brand of supplements.  With a targeted list of 10 niche supplements, we can now provide our patients and clients with quality, affordability and effectiveness. We are sleeping well at night, knowing EXACTLY what is in each and every product, EXACTLY where it was made and EXACTLY when it was compounded.   

Clients/patients who have taken supplements for years are coming in with comments about their new health improvements.  This service of providing our supplements in our office fills a huge need for our patients and generates a solid stream of revenue for our practice as well.  It’s truly a Win-Win!  We have decided that after using these products ourselves and with our patients and clients, we are being selfish.  Keeping these amazing niche formulations that are so effective and of such high quality all to ourselves is not in keeping with our value of service.  

We are ready to share.  We would love to include you and your practice in our quest to provide the highest quality, most effective, most affordable, and most trustworthy supplements to your family, your patients and your clients.  We have created an Associate office arrangement that is one of the most generous in the industry – we want this to be a win-win-win for your patients, your office and our company!

What are these awesome products?

Here are the links to each product where you will also find the relevant information sheet and Research Library.  The prices listed here are our retail prices to the public.  Obviously, your associate pricing would be different and that is outlined a little further below.  Take a minute to review exactly what we are so proud to offer.  These are formulations that focus on quality ingredients, well-balanced and researched to generate results for your clients and patients.

Yes, your clients/patients could just purchase these online via our website but we believe that there is great clinical value in purchasing them from you.  We have found that the “in-practice” sales are embraced by our patients and they appreciate the opportunity to purchase needed supplements from the doc that they know and trust locally.  Plus, they can save time and money in shipping by picking them up at your office when they are there for Chiropractic care!

Here is a full list of BYWG Nutrition supplements currently available:

Vitamin D3 Boost – The power of Vitamin D3 boosted with the addition of Vitamin K2, magnesium and MCT.  Making it a balanced powerhouse for immune, bone, and more.

Immune Boost – Unique combination of vitamins, herbs, minerals and mushrooms with researched impact on improving immune system function.  Build your immune function or provide tools to fight better with this proven combination.

Deep Sleep Assist – Herbal, mineral and amino acid support combination for easier, more restful and longer sleep. This formulation is melatonin-free.

Stress Rebalancer – Herbal, vitamin and mineral support that rebalances the effects of stress on the body, nervous system and endocrine systems.

Turmeric Boost (BCM-95 *TM) – A highly absorbable form of turmeric with less stomach upset.

Digestive BoostSpecific enzyme support for improved breakdown of gluten, dairy, protein and more.

Probiotic Power – 9 top strains of probiotic, the key strains identified in research for effectiveness and support of the gut microflora.

Bone Health PLUSCalcium, Magnesium and what you need to absorb and utilize these key minerals.

Joint Formula PLUS – Glucosamine, MSM and joint support minerals to enhance utilization along with inflammation reduction.

Magnesium GlycinateThe #1 deficiency identified in the North American population is magnesium.  This one is easier on the tummy and absorbs effectively.

And one more thing…

Because these products are custom compounded to order, we can also offer an opportunity to co-brand the supplements to support you and your clinic even more. With our regular BYWG labels and compounding to order, there is a minimum requirement from the lab of 10 bottles per SKU ordered.  With a minimum order of 20 bottles per SKU we can custom co-brand the label to reflect your clinic as well as BYWG! 

All of our posters and information sheets can be co-branded with your clinic logo and info for a small set up charge.


Thank you for considering if BYWG Nutrition is a good fit for you and your clients/patients.

Hopefully you can see and feel our passion for creating the high quality and effective products that we believe the world deserves, with transparency of manufacturing, shipping and development so you and your clients/patients know EXACTLY what it is that they are purchasing.  We appreciate you for reading this far and hope to further our mission in creating better health and wellness along with you and your clinic!

If this looks like a good fit, please reach out to us by email: associates@beyondyourwildestgenes.com

We will provide access to private, detailed program and financial information for those professionals who qualify.  

For reference (or if you are ready to go deeper) our application form can be found here along with our full Associate Agreement so you can explore the criteria with full transparency.  We look forward to serving more people and our colleagues with the Beyond Your Wildest Genes Nutrition Associate program.

Be awesome, never un-awesome!

Wanda Lee, Michael and Noah

Dr. Wanda Lee MacPhee BSc DC      Dr. Michael Acanfora DC      Dr. Noah De Koyer DC


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