Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Chinese Medicine instructor. Her long-distance coaching business – Alchemist Eating – is anchored in mindfulness, curiosity and compassion.

As an eating and lifestyle coach, Dr. Dana helps people eat in a way that’s healthy, intuitive and uncomplicated.

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, she has treated hundreds of patients over the course of thousands of treatment sessions. She has also led more than a hundred group sessions at addiction treatment centers and co-taught addiction treatment trainings for medical students and healthcare professionals.

Additionally, Dr. Dana is an instructor of acupuncture, herbal medicine, therapeutics, and nutrition at the Chinese Medicine College in Nelson, BC.

Her Three-Month Coaching Package is available internationally, through phone sessions and weekly emails. It offers a powerful starting place for changing your relationship with food…and recovering your true self. Find out more and get her free ebook on Holistic Recovery from Eating Addictions and Eating Disorders from her website

Our Product of the Month is Alitura

Alitura is our choice for all natural skin care products.  You can listen to Dr. Noah interview Andy Hnilo the creator and owner of Alitura in the archive, and on the Beyond Your Wildest Genes YouTube Channel.

Our Book of the Month is The Seeds Plan – Prevent and Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease by Dr. Jennie Ann Freiman