Michelle Christman is a Professional Wellness Speaker, Wellness Radio/TV Personality and a registered Chiropractic Assistant in The State of Maryland. She is also “recognized for extraordinary vision and passion for excellence” by the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance.

As a dynamic public speaker, Michelle has empowered thousands to be healthy and well naturally for over 16 years. Her and her husband Dr. Evan Christman, a NeuroStructural Chiropractor, focus on children with Learning Differences and Autism. She has spoken on multiple platforms to hundreds of doctors and lay people, seminars, corporations, networking groups, support groups and much more.

You can listen to Wake Up to Wellness with Michelle Christman live every Saturday morning from 8:00am to 9am ET. She interviews amazing doctors and celebrities from all over the world about how you and your family can be healthy and well naturally on WAMD 970am, WYRE 810, WKHZ 1460 and you can watch all over the world on www.KHZTV.com.

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