Jason is the Founder of Elite HRV, the Heart Rate Variability platform now used by Olympians, pro sports, doctors, research organizations, and over 100,000 health and performance seekers. Over the past 5 years he’s been researching and using HRV technology, and through active collaboration with the aforementioned groups, is continuously exposed to the latest scientific research and methods for making the best use of HRV and other biomarkers. He’s used this experience to help thousands of people and hundreds of organizations implement HRV into their lives and careers.


Greg is an exercise physiologist and kinesiologist who has worked with various hospitals, universities, clinics, fitness facilities and sports teams in Canada, the USA and around the world. He completed his Master’s of Science in Exercise Science at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where he attended on a basketball scholarship.Greg is passionate about teaching and learning about latest improvements in the field of exercise science, rehabilitation and manual therapy.

Learn how you can with Heart Rate Variability:

  • Track progress and guide treatment plans
  • Improve resilience and adaptability
  • Customize training and optimize recovery time
  • Personalize nutrition, sleep and exercise protocols
  • Provide early warning signs for changes in health, overtraining or maladaptation
  • Re-balance the nervous system with live biofeedback
  • Objectively understand motivation and willpower
  • Identify risk of morbidity and mortality

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