Pamela has been passionate about mind, body and spirit optimization from a very young age. An overachiever from the start, she grew up on a farm in upstate NY, attended Yale University as a Microbiology and Biochem major, and then moved to NYC where she supported the growth of a restaurant chain from 18 locations to over 100 and was the point person on an IPO, all by the age of 24.

After becoming a mom, she became passionate about physical fitness and wellness and founded Fulfill Fitness, specializing in personal training and nutrition coaching.  She then spent two years as President of The Beacon Program, a NYC behavioral therapy based food and weight clinic.

HACKD Fitness represents what Pamela sees as the future of fitness: the convergence of science and tech to give us the next generation of evidence-based evolution.

Pamela is also the best-selling author of Find More Strength: 5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness.  She lives in NYC with her husband Roger and 2 children, Talia and Jesse

Our Product of the Month is ENERGYbits

Energybits are 100% organic spirulina and/or chlorella algae that are; Paleo, Keto, Vegan, and non-gmo. I’ve been taking then as well as my family for nearly a month and I personally enjoy the extra added boost in nutrition and energy they provide.

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