[BYWG BLOG] Are You Up for A Healthy Habit Challenge?

The timeline of reaching a goal is unknown because everyone’s body is different.

And while you have limited control over the timeline – you have complete control over your daily habits.

We challenge you to choose 1-2 items from the list below and do it every day this week!

Are you in?


Let us  know in the comments which one(s) you are committing to ⬇️


Remember: Everyone is different. Choose something that you can realistically do and that will move you closer to your goal and/or to maintaining your health.


🌟 Commit to X minutes of daily activity 

🌟 Add 10 minutes of relaxation, stretching, or mobility work daily

🌟 Get outside in the morning and midday for at least 10 minutes for sunlight exposure 

🌟 Add 2 serving of fruits and/or vegetables to your daily menu

🌟 Find 2 whole-food substitutes for processed foods you commonly eat (ex: natural peanut butter for the sugar-added ones, regular oats instead of the oatmeal packets with added sugar)

🌟 Drink a glass of water when you wake up and at each meal

🌟 Sit down for dinner every night with no distractions and/or add 5 minutes to the meal to slow down and focus

🌟 Pause for 10 minutes after each meal to notice fullness

🌟 Don’t eat past 8pm


Let us know which one(s) you are committing to ⬇️