Speaker, teacher & researcher Melissa Matecki is a certified holistic health coach who is passionate about saving the health of today’s children and making family life easier & more enjoyable for the whole family. She is the host of the Healthy Kids the Easy Way summit having become a fierce advocate for children’s health after having helped her own son overcome a challenging condition & the co-researcher for a supplement for children with special needs.

She also specializes in women’s health with a slant toward autoimmune illness and loves to help women find their health and their best life after she found her way to recovery after a lifetime of chronic illness. 

She is an entrepreneur Australian who lives in Alaska, happily married and the mother of two little boys.

Our Product of the Month is ENERGYbits

Energybits are 100% organic spirulina and/or chlorella algae that are; Paleo, Keto, Vegan, and non-gmo. I’ve been taking then as well as my family for nearly a month and I personally enjoy the extra added boost in nutrition and energy they provide.

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