Dr. Wendy Nickerson, a Licensed Psychologist in Nova Scotia and Arizona, is the founder of International Health Coaching Enterprises and the Integrative Health Coach Training Program, a program focused on providing holistic mental health education and certification.  She is also the author of the book – Wild Women Never Get the Blues:  How to tap into your intuition to create your best life.

Dr. Nickerson has had a long-standing interest and knowledge in the processes of total well being and life mastery through personal development, mind-body-spirit integration, and with maintaining work environments that feed the soul and excite employee participation. Dr. Nickerson’s interventions are designed to enhance and promote a sense of empowerment, motivation, a core sense of identity and purpose, authenticity, self-image, and emotional, physical and spiritual well being. The goal of her individual coaching sessions, programs, and seminars is to provide participants with the insight, skills and knowledge necessary to self-actualize, maintain a high vibrational state of being, and bring their dreams and goals to fruition, while gaining the experience, skills, and training to help others do the same!