Dr. Anna Cabeca has just completed her book after an exhaustive culmination of 20+ years of work as a medical researcher and an OBGYN treating 10,000 patients in her clinic and helping millions of women online.

The cornerstone of the book is the Keto-Green Diet which is a traditional ketogenic diet combined with an alkaline diet. Dr Cabeca finds adding the alkaline component helps women over 40 be able to stay in ketosis longer than a traditional ketogenic diet alone. Her book also focuses on lifestyle changes that can lower cortisol and therefore keep women in an alkaline state.

This book explains the latest research on hormones in an easy to understand way, however the real value of the book is a 10 day quick start detox and a 21 day meal plan designed to help women quickly implement the research into their real life.

The Product / Supplement of the Month is Superfoods and Medicinal Mushrooms from Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic carry an incredible line of mushroom coffees, functional mushroom elixirs, a brand new beauty line, and a few new products that we personally really enjoy like Golden Latte Mushroom Mix, Mushroom Matcha Latte Mix, and Lion’s Mane Focus Shots.

A quick tip to staying healthy through the winter months is to try out their Chaga Mushroom containing products.

You can also listen to me interview the founder of Four Sigmatic  Tero – twice on the BYWG Podcast in the archives on our website as well.

The BYWG Book of the Month: Feeding You Lies by Vani Hari – How to unravel the food industry’s playbook and reclaim your health.

Dr. Mike interviewed Vani on the Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast and it was released on February 18th.  You can listen to this release on our website at the podcast tab in the archives, on your smart phone, YouTube, or Spotify.