[BYWG BLOG] How Your Brain Processes Change

Change is hard.

The first day of waking up when it is still dark out and putting on your sneakers to go for a walk or go to the gym is HARD.

Saying “no” to the extra slice of cake when you really want it is HARD.


Just like you train your body, you must train your mind.


Growing and managing your mind will influence all of your other assets in your life – including your health!


When we understand our brains, we are able to change.


From an evolutionary standpoint, our brain processes change as a threat.


We develop neural pathways throughout our lives that are created by repetitive behavior – basically programming our brains to expect things to remain a certain way. 


When those things change, our brain goes into a protective mode.


Change can be good or bad – but our brain cannot determine that initially. 


The brain’s immediate response is to process the disruption to its normal patterns as a negative event. Which means that sometimes our brain will even protect and divert to negative learned behaviors – like indulging, self-pity or procrastinating – in order to avoid the perceived threat of change.


Understanding your brain’s natural resistance can help you to consciously focus on overcoming that resistance. 


1. Resistance is natural. 

2. We can expect it. 

3. Recognize it. 

4. Feel it. 

5. Accept negative emotions as part of life. 

6. And then do the hard thing anyway,


And sometimes a little help along the way is just what we need! 😉