How Your Genes Can Help You Drop a Jeans Size


There are thousands of workout and diet plans out there, and while some people achieve phenomenal results, others — even with the same level of effort — don’t. Ever wonder why?

Everybody and every body is different, and as much as 50 to 60 percent of the variationbetween people and their physical performance is genetic. The other 40 to 50 percent is controlled by environmental factors like diet, exercise and lifestyle.

When it comes to body composition, genetics play a huge role in both how we exercise and what we eat.

Knowing your genes and how they relate to your diet might be the only obstacle between you and your skinny jeans and, more importantly, feeling empowered in your own body, no matter your size or shape.

Here are some nutritional components that are key to your healthiest you and that, for the first time, take the guesswork out of reaching your wellness goals.

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Give Your Entire House An Energy Makeover With These Crystals

by Heather Askinosie

I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a crystal hoarder. My crystals represent memories—each one reminding me of where I first spotted it, whether on a faraway spiritual journey or at a giant mineral exhibition just across town. My home may be a maze of stones, but make no mistake: None of them are random. Every one is positioned to serve a specific purpose.As with all interior design, the best crystal arrangement is one that balances aesthetic and function. While dropping a crystal in any room will immediately lighten the ambience with positivity and beauty, you can take full advantage of a crystal’s potential by placing it strategically. Here’s a peek into how I lay out my own gemstones.


There’s something so special about a meal prepared with nurturing love. Give everything you cook this same kick by adding the secret ingredient of loving energy to your kitchen: rose quartz. I like to put rose quartz on the windowsills to hold that energetic space as I prepare food and ensure that the ambience is always centered around love.

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You Have the Power to Tell a Different Life Story

Via Laura Elliotton

I believed nobody loved me.

I had good reason.

At age five, I was sexually abused by my grandfather. At age 10, I was placed in a foster home. At age 18, my partner committed suicide.

I saw all these events as a reflection of me. Life just kept giving me more and more evidence that I was unlovable and the voice inside me grew darker every day.

“Your own mother doesn’t even want you.”

“These people are being paid to care.”

“I deserve to be beaten because I’m bad.”

“If I wasn’t here, everything would have been alright.”

For years and years I let these thoughts fester inside my head. They permeated all my relationships—with people, the world, and with myself. I started on a mission to be loved by everyone, but I was disappointed each time. Nobody could love me the way I wanted to be loved.

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