[BYWG BLOG]Your Ideal Weight Isn’t All Numbers

When it comes to our weight and our bodies – we see numbers EVERYWHERE. 


On the scale, dress size, pants size, calories consumed, calories burned, reps, BMI, inches around our waists, grams of sugar… the list is endless. 


But the truth is, your ideal weight is not all about the numbers. 


In fact, the numbers can be misleading and distracting sometimes.


As a society, we often accidentally adhere to certain ideas that we see and hear in the media and in our lives every day. And we carry these ideas that we need to weigh a certain amount and wear a certain size and only consume a certain number of calories. 


We become so bogged down by the numbers – which let’s be real, can be kind of depressing! – and we forget that our IDEAL weight should be our HEALTHY weight. 


Our bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. There is no magic number that is ideal for every person. In order to be at your healthiest weight – you need to be making healthy choices. 


  • Focus on making dietary choices to manage portion size, meet your nutritional needs while avoiding processed foods and added sugars, and make conscious healthy choices when choosing what to consume. 
  • Focus on a workout plan that you enjoy and also challenges you.
  • Focus as showing up as the person you want to be – not the size you want to be.


The number that matters most is the number on the calendar today and the choices that fill the day!