Boost Your Cardiovascular Health and Fitness With Regular Sauna Use

By Dr. Mercola

Sweating is a biological imperative that has a wide range of health benefits. In fact, unless you have untreated hypothyroidism, sweating is one of the indicators that will tell you that you are effectively doing a high-intensity exercise. Science has shown sweating it out in a sauna can also help.

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Intermittent Fasting: Can Skipping Meals Make You Healthier?

Katie – Wellness Mama

Maybe you’ve heard the often-repeated advice to eat small, frequent meals. Apparently skipping meals (even breakfast) is a surefire way to wreck your blood sugar and your metabolism. Moreover, even with our sedentary modern lifestyle, if we don’t eat every 2-4 hours and graze constantly we won’t have the energy to make it through the day. We must always carry 100-calorie packs in case hunger strikes, lest brain fog ensue. Umm … no.

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How to Improve Concentration and Focus in Your Life

by Helen Sanders

I’ve sometimes wondered – and others have asked – if I have a form of ADD or ADHD. I have a very hard time sitting still, and not a moment goes by in the day when I’m not doing something, playing with something, reading something, or fiddling with something. I’m not a smoker, but I can see why the oral fixation and the need to have something in your hands can be so hard to deal with.

I have a hard time staying focused on anything, so I had to actually find ways how to improve concentration in order for me to be an effective writer, teacher, runner, and martial artist (all of these things require a good deal of concentration).

If you want to know how to improve concentration or how to improve focus, here are some tips that have helped me…

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