Jennifer Araneo is a graduate of Villanova with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 1999. She was part of the women’s rowing team as coxswain.  Through her journey as a coxswain, she found her teammates responded very well to mental imagery and used the technique frequently throughout her college career.  This was the beginning of her journey into realizing that the Body achieves what the mind believes. After college, Jennifer taught English as a Second Language in the south of Italy for a year and then returned home to pursue a career.  Since college, Jennifer has always known that her calling was to help people find strength within themselves to overcome obstacles and gain confidence from within.  The past four years have been a particularly deep learning process and through the help of a mentor, Jennifer found her calling in Reiki.  Jennifer studied Reiki at the New York Open Center and completed Reiki 3 training with Reiki Master Joanna Crespo.  Jennifer serves the Bayonne, Hoboken and Montclair areas providing Reiki to clients in need of healing and reclaiming their personal power.

More about Reiki…

Reiki stimulates the self healing capacities on the level of body, mind and spirit..  This process helps the client to calm his/her nervous system and allow the body to work on moving the energy through and allowing healing to take place. Sometimes when we experience trauma or illness or bodies are still stuck in the memory or operating a certain way even if the event is over or the illness has passed.  Reiki can help the body release the negative energy and allow the body to work on repairing and healing itself.  Reiki does not replace western doctors and treatments, it acts as an aid to help the process on a spiritual level.  Many times when one experiences a tough time in their life, they seek the mental and physical professionals for help, the third piece to gaining oneness is calling on someone to help with the energetic piece of the body.  Energy healing can help clear energy blocks, balance the energetic body and allow the client to start receiving whatever it is they have been blocking.  Reiki helps calm the nervous system, reduce stress, balance an addictive lifestyle, reduce suffering, foster womb healing, helps manage anxiety and promotes better sleep.

Jennifer Araneo

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