I was diagnosed with malignant thyroid cancer as a teenager… and that diagnosis changed my life forever.

I’m the only son of hard-working, salt of the earth Croatian immigrants. My family is the story of the Canadian dream: we came here with nothing. From the beginning, my parents knew the value of hard work. They knew that if they worked hard, an amazing life was possible in Canada.

You can then imagine how difficult it was when they got ‘that call’ that their only son was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. It was the first time I’ve seen my dad cry, and it was depressing to witness my parents, who  had always known what action to take to achieve success, frustrated and terrified from the simple yet concrete fact that there was nothing they could do.

As it turns out, this event was the catalyst that would propel my life forward. It started with recovering my health, my own way, on my own terms, opening my own chiropractic practice helping others heal, partnering to begin Life By Design, a health and wellness company, West London CrossFit and Life By Design For Chiropractor a coaching and consulting company.

All this has led me to believe that you (and all humans) are designed to be extraordinary, you  can have any life that you want, as long as you do what’s required to meet that life.