We normally associate the feeling of “butterflies in our stomach” as something very exciting, and a big happy sign that something so special and good for us is on its way. What if these butterflies were actually an indicator that a pending relationship is going to be very unsuccessful and short-lived?
Some people think this sign is the greatest omen on earth for getting into a relationship, while others avoid it at all costs. It’s the age-old LOVE vs. Infatuation battle. Get it wrong and you’ll get your heart crushed over and over. Or stay single and alone. My friend, Lise Janelle, Human Potential Expert for over 28 years, has created the Love vs. Infatuation Summit that will explore the ins and outs of this battle, including how to:
  • Feel safer and more confident whether you’re dating, in a relationship or married.
  • Dissolve the blocks that stand in the way of your love flourishing in any relationship (no matter how young or old)
  • Let go of the frustration inside yourself that makes you feel that you’ll never be able to get the love you want (that keeps the infatuation cycle going)
  • Let go of the illusion that love is unsafe
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of infatuation which indicate you are about to crash hard in a relationship

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