The Supplement of the Month is BYWG’s Vitamin D3 Boost.

This is our newest advanced formulation;  Combining all the benefits of Vit. D3, Vit. K2, Magnesium, and MCT.

 It is pretty mainstream now how important Vit. D3 is to your overall health and wellness.  What is not mainstream is the nutritional facts that Vit D3 needs a few other co-factors and Vitamins and Minerals to enhance its effectiveness.  Recognizing this we set out to formulate the gold standard for Vit. D3 supplements. Vitamin D3 Boost has the most active form of Vitamin D as well as Vit K2 and Magnesium with a little bit of MCT oil to enhance the absorption of these fat soluble vitamins.  This is truly a world class Vit D3 formulation.

The 10% off discount code for the month is vitd10. (yes it is case sensitive)

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Our Product of the Month is Joovv Red Light Therapy Device

Photobiomodulation has been shown to assist with pain and inflammation relief, fitness, training, and muscle recovery, and hormone regulation to highlight a few of its near countless benefits.  As I mentioned I own a Joovv Mini and Joovv Go and use them every single day. My skin has never looked better and I am certainly recovering from my work outs quicker. On October 8th 2018 I interviewed the co-owner Scott Nelson. I highly encourage you to listen in to learn about all the benefits of Red Light Therapy.

BYWG’s Book of the Month is Cancer and the New Biology of Water

Cancer and the New Biology of Water by author Dr. Thomas Cowan should be on your super short list.  Dr. Cowan has been on our podcast twice; once to talk about Dr. Cowan’s Garden his nutrient dense nutrient diverse vegetable powders and most recently on November 11th 2019 to discuss his newest book.