These are specially selected enzymes and supportive ingredients to help you breakdown your food and enhance absorption of key nutrients that we need from our diet. Our doctor-selected enzyme blend in Digestive Boost is uniquely designed to help with gluten and dairy which many find most difficult to break down effectively and efficiently.

It is recommended for those with digestive challenges, who take antacids or reflux medication regularly and for older clients who need some extra help as we age.

There are specific enzymes like the well-known DPP IV included along with other key elements to aid in breaking down gluten, proteins, fats and dairy as well as general digestion.  As always, no fillers or wasted space in the capsule – we have maximized the contents and value for you!

Read all the ingredients and info about our BYWG Digestive Boost with special emphasis on gluten and dairy help here.

Click here to read more of the information that went into creating this amazing digestive enzyme formula by Beyond Your Wildest Genes Nutrition.

  • See a complete list of ingredients HERE.
  • Directions: Take 1 capsule before each meal, as needed for assistance with particular food or as recommended by your health care professional.
  • Each bottle contains 90 capsules.
  • $49.00

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