The surprising path beyond depression, anxiety, and fatigue to reclaiming your authenticity, vitality, and freedom

For years, we’ve been telling ourselves that our difficult feelings—sadness, rage, shame, intensity, worry—are somehow “not okay.” And, all too often, we’ve relied on the promise of pharmaceuticals to tamp them down. The fact is, though, that these feelings are a vital part of our experience. They are real. And those of us who feel them most strongly are the canaries in the coalmine—sensitive to things that are seriously wrong in the world today.

In a book that’s both provocative and promising, holistic psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, M.D., author of A Mind of Your Own, shows us that we don’t have to medicate our mental, emotional, and physical pain away—that the best way out is through. She explodes the mistaken belief that our symptoms—from mood changes to irritability to fogginess and fatigue—are evidence that we are sick or broken. Then she charts a new path to get real, get well, and get free. The journey includes:

  • Coming to a new appreciation of the meaning behind symptoms, and whether you are a canary in the coal mine
  • Learning the 2 major risks of medication that most doctors are not trained to disclose
  • Exploring the 5 reversible physical drivers of so-called mental illness
  • Starting the process of radical physical healing with inclusive details of Dr. Brogan’s history- making 30-day protocol
  • Taking an emotional inventory of energy drains and toxic relationships
  • Taking a deeper dive into the spiritual awakening and expansion that comes when you reclaim
  • your real self from conventional medicine
  • Identifying the most likely places you have given your power away
  • Understanding what the science has to say about psychedelics as a tool for awakening
  • Navigating health challenges with curiosity and the proper tools
  • Guidance, support, and many Travel Tips shared from the trenches!

Our experiences, Dr. Brogan argues, aren’t problems or pathologies; they reflect what we need to accept, acknowledge, and transform in order to truly become who we are. Own Your Self is a journey of healing, and also something more: a journey of coming home to ourselves.

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BYWG’s Book of the Month:

The Book of the Month for September 2019 is The Emotion Code – How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  We highly recommend this book – it’s on my audible playlist currently.  You can hear Dr. Mike interview Dr. Bradley on here.