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The Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast is our vision to bridge the public and our trusted wellness experts in the areas of physical, chemical/nutritional and emotional/spiritual health.

With a focus on creating health in all areas of life, this is a unique opportunity for the public to experience the integrated nature of body, mind and spirit and explore their own opportunities to make positive enhancements to their health through better structure, nerve function, nutrition and mental attitude.

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We have created four empowering workshops that you can enjoy from the comfort of home.

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Epigenetics and the Story of the BYWG Podcast

The doctors at Beyond Your Wildest Genes have explored almost every aspect of health and wellness in our collective 50+ years as health care professionals. After all of this study and clinical experience, what we’re most excited about is the science of Epigenetics.

Epigenetics” is a complex-sounding word, but what does it really mean?

When we break it down, it really isn’t that intimidating:

EPI – above

GENETICS – our genes

So what we’re really talking about is “beyond our genetics” or, as we prefer to say, Beyond Your Wildest Genes.

Twenty years ago, science taught us that genes were the ultimate determining factor for life and health. And yes, genes do play a key role in determining some things, like the color of our eyes or whether or not our earlobes are attached.

However, our full life expression comes from much more than just our genes.

Science now estimates that only 10 to 12% of our health is determined by genes. Almost 90% of our health is determined by epigenetic influences—the life choices—we make every day.

Looking for more information on epigenetics and healthy lifestyles? You’ve come to the right place.

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We’ve been thrilled by the response since we began in October 2015. We are are grateful to those of you who have taken the time  to watch, play,  and listen to our podcast 1.1 Million times and have hundreds of amazing episodes that you can enjoy and learn from any time.

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