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Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast

The Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast is our vision to bridge the public and our trusted wellness experts in the areas of physical, chemical/nutritional and emotional/spiritual health.

With a focus on creating health in all areas of life, this is a unique opportunity for the public to experience the integrated nature of body, mind and spirit and explore their own opportunities to make positive enhancements to their health through better structure, nerve function, nutrition and mental attitude.

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Beyond Your Wildest Genes Academy

We have created four empowering workshops that you can enjoy from the comfort of home.

  1. If you suffer from pain, the Pain Relief Project is perfect for you.
  2. If you are looking at natural ways to retain your youth and vitality, check out our Longevity and Anti-Aging Program.
  3. For men only, check out out Being SuperMan and discover what you need to do to act like you are 25!
  4. For women only, we just released our Getting To Goddess workshop  if you want your energy back, and feel youthful all over again!

Recent Podcasts:

The Surprising Benefits of Inclined Bed Therapy

The Surprising Benefits of Inclined Bed Therapy By Dr. Mercola Oftentimes the simplest strategies pay great dividends. Getting sensible sun exposure and grounding to the Earth are two examples. Sleeping on an incline is another. [...]

Cracking the Code: Unlock Your Genetic Potential

Dr. Andre Camelli, a May of 2000 graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic, owns and operates Life Quest Wellness Center in Cortland, Ohio, since its opening in 2001. At his practice, Dr. Camelli is dedicated to improving the quality of life of his patients by dramatically reducing the devastating effects of stress and subluxations. Dr. Camelli strives to empower each patient to be able to make informed decisions that will keep them and their families healthy. He believes that educating his patients will not only help them feel better, but will enable them to keep themselves healthy their entire lives. https://wp.me/p88nSS-wk

The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now

Julie Ann Cairns is the author of the top selling book The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now (published by Hay House), the creator and director of the documentary The Abundance Code, and the CEO of an online financial market education company based in Sydney, Australia, called Trading Pursuits Group. Julie has over 25 years of experience in finance and entrepreneurship, and has built a successful nine figure business. It’s her life mission to help people access greater abundance by showing them how to bust through their limiting beliefs about money, wealth and success. https://wp.me/p88nSS-vZ

Improving the World’s Health through Coffee

Jon Butcher is Chairman of the Precious Moments Family of Companies, Founder of Lifebook, Co-Founder of Purity Coffee and a dozen other companies organized around causes that matter. Artist, musician, producer (12 full-length albums and 7 Children’s TV shows), entrepreneur (19 companies ranging from children’s books to wallpaper manufacturing), Jon's life is centered around his relationship with his wife Missy, their 4 children and their work. Jon and Missy are passionate about world travel, fine wine, beautiful homes, contemporary art, and capitalism. Their purpose on this planet is to create the highest possible quality of life for themselves and the people they love, while helping others around them do the same. https://wp.me/p88nSS-vS

Why I became a clinical and functional nutritionist

Jennifer Clemente is a clinical and functional nutritionist who holds a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and board certification through the Board for Certified Nutrition Specialists. After battling with a mystery illness of her own for over a year, it became clear that standards of medical care were not enough to cope with today’s complex inflammatory conditions. This prompted Jennifer to leave her 20+year career and return to school to study functional medicine and nutrition. https://wp.me/p88nSS-vD

Epigenetics and the Story of the BYWG Podcast

The doctors at Beyond Your Wildest Genes have explored almost every aspect of health and wellness in our collective 50+ years as health care professionals. After all of this study and clinical experience, what we’re most excited about is the science of Epigenetics.

Epigenetics” is a complex-sounding word, but what does it really mean?

When we break it down, it really isn’t that intimidating:

EPI – above

GENETICS – our genes

So what we’re really talking about is “beyond our genetics” or, as we prefer to say, Beyond Your Wildest Genes.

Twenty years ago, science taught us that genes were the ultimate determining factor for life and health. And yes, genes do play a key role in determining some things, like the color of our eyes or whether or not our earlobes are attached.

However, our full life expression comes from much more than just our genes.

Science now estimates that only 10 to 12% of our health is determined by genes. Almost 90% of our health is determined by epigenetic influences—the life choices—we make every day.

Looking for more information on epigenetics and healthy lifestyles? You’ve come to the right place.

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