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painrelief_3dgraphics1With 27 expert presentations about pain relief, you’ll gain access to natural solutions to combat serious health challenges, like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer and terminal illnesses.

Don’t just “take the pain!” Our Pain Relief Project experts represent the fields of holistic wellness, nutrition, chiropractic care, spirituality, personal development, longevity, exercise and more, to “take the pain” away!

The Pain Relief Project will help you to:

  • Learn why your pain is not an illness, but a message!
  • Eliminate the cause of the pain/problem and focus on healing.
  • Find the most effective natural ways to eradicate your pain.
  • Learn immediate tools to restore your health and vitality
  • Develop a plan for optimal present and future wellness!

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The Best Version of You Starter Kit by Dr. Liz Anderson Peacock

A compilation of a meditation, audio, and reading material to help create the best version of you.



The Statin Nightmare, by Suzy Cohen R.Ph($11.95 value)

7 Diseases You Think You Have but Really Don’t!



Inspired Wealth: Financial Leadership for the 21st Century Create Wealth from Within by Dr. Janice Hughes ($9.99 value)

Learn how to use money intentionally with meaning, purpose and direction to create the fulfilling life you desire.



Fat, Fatigued, and Fed Up? by Dr. Trent Camp & Dr. Dane Donohue

Learn how metabolic syndrome is destroying your life.



Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner Program by Dr. Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS Health Expert ($100 off)

A 12-week certification program for health practitioners who would like to include a science-based and personal growth-focused approach to their client’s relationship with food, eating, and living.



The Sugar Demon: Have You Met? by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Turning off the sugar faucet doesn’t mean giving up on the gooey stuff; it just means redefining your sweets and treats!



Obesity, Addiction, and Starvation by Dr. Terry Wahls, MD ($30 value)

In this audio, Dr. Terry Wahls provides helpful resources to help you eat and live your best life.



Free Cellular Healing eBook. Heal the Cell, Get Well Lose Weight and Feel Great by Dr. Daniel Pompa D.PSc

This Cellular Healing Diet ebook is packed with true weight-loss secrets and sample meal plans

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Tom O’Bryan, DC

Fire in the Belly: The Role of Allergenic Foods in Fueling Pain Syndromes

  • Understand where the inflammation comes from
  • What role do bread, pasta and pizza play in inflammation?
  • What do 40% of people with Osteoarthritis have in common?


Dane Donohue, DC

Co-Creator of 8 Weeks to Wellness and Co-Author of Fat, Fatigued and Fed Up

The Chiropractic Lifestyle

  • Parameters and answers to conquer metabolic syndrome
  • Learn the 4 categories of the Wellness Score
  • What is Innate Intelligence and the Vertebral Subluxation?


Mike Adams

Founder and editor of

The Real Truth about Your Health

  • Unearth the truth about making your environment healthier NOW!
  • Is there a disconnect between what you eat/drink and how you feel?
  • Why you must read the label on your toothpaste!


Perry Nickelston, DCNKT, FMS, SFMA

Stop Chasing Pain: Where You Think It Is, It Ain’t

  • Learn Dr. Perry’s methods to stop chasing pain!
  • Why is the fascial system of the body so important?
  • The ins and outs of minimal footwear


Steve Hoffman, DC

The Success Formula

  • The steps between vision and plan for your health
  • Create your specific measurable health goals
  • Learn why you want what you say you want


Dr. Deanna Minich

NY Times Best Selling Author

Whole-Self Nourishment for Pain and Inflammation: A Seven Step Approach to Breakthrough Vitality

  • Indoor air is twice as toxic as outdoor air! What you can do!
  • Are you missing the boat with love and passion?
  • Unearth how the power of thoughts and beliefs impact our health


Dr. Kelly Starrett

NY Times Best Selling Author

Ready to Run

  • Sitting is the new smoking. Protect yourself!
  • Discover how to train harder and get better results
  • How to fix your body’s functional dysfunction


John DeMartini, DC

Founder of the DeMartini Institute and Author of the Values Factor

The Breakthrough Experience

  • Learn how pain and injury is affected by your psychology
  • Why does chronic pain respond to our highest values?
  • Why quality of life is determined by the questions you ask yourself


Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock

Speaker, Author and Chiropractor

Creating a Road-Map to Pain Relief

  • Learn from Dr. Liz’s experience of chronic pain due to a cancerous foot tumor
  • Find out what is holding you back from solutions to your pain
  • What small steps can you take to regain health?


Robb Wolf

NY Times Best Selling Author

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet

  • Learn how to look, feel and perform better in 30 days
  • Learn how the city of Reno has saved $22 million!
  • Sleep: The New Frontier?


Jeff Spencer, DC

Champion’s Blueprint

  • What U2, Maria Sharapova and Tiger Woods have in common?
  • The Cornerman: How this role is different than a mentor or coach
  • Natural and non-surgical methods/tools to treat pain and create perennial peak performers


Daniel Pompa, D.PSc

Hormone Havoc: A cellular issue!

  • True cellular detoxification can change the expression of your genes
  • Simple road map to cellular detox and healing
  • Why most people need more saturated fat and cholesterol in their diets!


Gilles LaMarche, DC

Vice President of Life University

The ART of Responsibility

  • Discover the importance of our choices in pain and illness
  • How does life purpose relate to health and dis-ease?
  • How Dr. LaMarche overcame a terminal diagnosis


Steven Geanopulos, DC, DACBN

Your Diagnosis: Why Labels can be Dangerous and Prevent You from Seeing What Else is Happening

  • How medicine is missing the boat on chronic disease
  • What happens when you tell the body to “SHUT UP?”
  • Learn what you can do today to dramatically improve your health.


Dave Asprey

NY Times Best Selling Author

The Bulletproof Diet

  • Are you ready to biohack your health?
  • 10 Dieting Myths that are sabotaging your success
  • What foods are kryptonite?


Esther Gokhale, L.Ac

Natural Posture and the Gokhale Method

  • Learn how everyday movements can vanquish lower back pain.
  • What can we learn from ancestral and primal communities?
  • The 8 steps to a pain free back are…


Jen Sincero

NY Times Best Selling Author

You Are A Bad Ass

  • Learn how to live a “Bad Ass” life
  • Bring to light your life by journaling
  • What is the “Big Snooze?”


Patrick Gentempo, DC

CEO, Action Potential Holdings

The TRUTH About Pain

  • Learn WHY we experience pain
  • Could the truth about pain save your life?
  • Simple questions for your personal health philosophy


Kellyann Petrucci, DC, ND

How Your Pain May Be Aging You

  • Learn Dr. Kellyann’s 5 step anti-aging plan
  • How does stress and pain prematurely age you?
  • The dietary fats should you avoid at all costs


Mr. Jimmy Moore

NY Times Best Selling Author

Keto Clarity

  • Explore the principles of eating MORE fat
  • Learn where is sugar hiding in our food
  • Find out what the body does with excess protein


Janice Hughes, DC

Coach and consultant, 2Inspire LLC

Attracting Better Health and Healing

  • Learn about the “Law of Attraction”
  • Principles to decrease pain and illness
  • Simple tools and tactics to create and attract future health


David Fletcher, DC

Chairman/Chief Clinical Officer, Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

Release Painful Tension and Rebuild Natural Reserves

  • Learn how your daily lifestyle stress creates pain and illness
  • Explore the key components in your body’s ability to adapt and heal
  • Discuss practical ways to improve your “stress bucket”


Dr. Terry Wahls

Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Iowa

The Wahls Protocol

  • Learn how Dr. Wahl beat Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
  • Differences between the Wahls Protocol and traditional Paleo Principles
  • A connection between organ meats, seaweed and fermented foods?


Russ Rosen, DC

CEO, Optimal-Health Chiropractic System

Learn to Thrive in a True Wellness Model

  • Detect the underlying cause to your health problems
  • Learn how to stop surviving and start thriving
  • Stop recreating the same problem over and over again!


Christopher Kent, DC, JD

CEO, On-Purpose

Stress: Good and Bad

  • Get your body out of defense and into growth
  • Check out how epigenetics trumps our gene expression
  • Explore how the body adapts to stress


Suzy Cohen, RPh

Host of the Thyroid Summit

The Thyroid Connection to Pain

  • Learn the major signs and symptoms of thyroid disease
  • The real connection between “chronic pain” and thyroid disease
  • Right and wrong ways to stop using pain medications


Dr. Eric Plasker

Chiropractor and Best-selling Author

The Longevity Solution: Secrets of The 100 Year Lifestyle

  • Discover how you are killing yourself and how to stop it
  • Mastering and maximizing your personal energy secrets
  • Explore critical components of self-care, health-care and crisis-care

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  • 27 video slideshow presentations ($269 value, mp4 video download format or watch online)
  • 27 audio discussions ($134 value, mp3 audio format)
  • Hundreds of pages of full interview transcripts($69 value, PDF format)
  • 27 PowerPoint presentation files ($29 value, PDF format)

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