A Short and Sweet Guide to Opening Tight Hip Flexors

by Gymnastic Bodies

Most of us, as adults, have tight hips that keep us from doing many things we love. The hip flexors, in particular, are some of the easiest muscles to stretch incorrectly? Yes, it’s true! Stretching your hip flexors correctly can get tricky.

Follow these super important cues to assure a correct stretch and release of this pesky muscle.

For the purpose of demonstration, we will use the vertical shin stretch from the GB Stretch Series.This spin-off of the classic hip flexor stretch (traditionally kneeling on one knee) involves wedging your back leg vertically along a wall.

Adding this variation to your gymnastic stretch routine works to lengthen your hip flexors fully, while also firing up your quads, moving them into action.

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Study: People Who Drink Coffee are Healthier – Live Longer

by Paul FassaHealth Impact News

During the 1960s and 70s, when the health food industry and health conscious consumers began to flourish, coffee was a serious no-no. Health advocates urged consumers to drink only steam treated caffeine free coffee or herbal teas that didn’t carry caffeine.

However, now that viewpoint has been shattered.

Recent long term epidemiological surveys indicate that coffee drinking is linked to longevity. And if you are somewhat suspicious of epidemiological research conclusions, there are several other animal studies to back up those claims.

The health history of coffee has flip-flopped often since coffee houses began in Arab nations during the 1500s then spread to Europe during the 1600s. Good and bad health claims were often unfounded and outrageous. Classical music composers such as Beethoven and Rossini were heavy coffee consumers.

During the 20th century coffee was considered a health hazard promoting various cancers and heart attacks in addition to nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia. But toward the end of that century, the antioxidant qualities of coffee were discovered.

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Yes, Mantras Have The Power To Reprogram Your Brain

by Caley Alyssa

Internationally renowned yogi Caley Alyssa is an LA-based yoga teacher and the founder of Caley Yoga. She’s passionate about helping others manifest the life of their dreams through yoga, and she’s doing just that in mbg’s newest online training, 100-Hour Yoga Training. Transform your life with the help of Caley Alyssa in this immersive training.

The word “mantra” is tossed around quite a bit, but it’s often dismissed as esoteric or too hokey to be taken seriously. But the science behind how mantras work is actually very compelling—”mantra” translates to “directional vibration,” and mantras are used for reprogramming our minds for more positive thoughts throughout the day.

Mantras are like an anchor. When we wake up, look in the mirror, and say “today will be a good day,” we’re setting ourselves up for exactly that. Here are some mantras you should consider adopting and weaving into your own personal practice.

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