Scott is the impetus, power, and energy that set Joovv in motion. His ability to metabolize information quickly makes him an irreplaceable asset to our company. And when it comes to leading all of our commercialization initiatives, he’s without question, the best. The best two words to describe Scott are efficient and personable. Prior to cofounding Joovv, he spent his entire professional career in leadership positions with some of the largest medical device companies in the world, including Medtronic, Covidien, Boston Scientific, and C.R. Bard. Scott is best friends with his wife and soulmate, Liz, and loves spending time with his 4 kids.

Fun fact: In his spare time, Scott is also the host of Medsider Radio, a top-ranked medical device podcast.

Here are two of the main photobiomodulation systems:

Desktop size

Full Door Size

Our Product of the Month is ENERGYbits

Energybits are 100% organic spirulina and/or chlorella algae that are; Paleo, Keto, Vegan, and non-gmo. I’ve been taking then as well as my family for nearly a month and I personally enjoy the extra added boost in nutrition and energy they provide.

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