Planking for Core Strength

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Strengthening the core plays a big role in achieving optimum health, and planking is a great way to improve your core. This post from Collective Evolution sheds light on the benefits of keeping your core strong and plank positions that are perfect for beginners.

Exercise is essential for your health. From improving your strength and flexibility, energy and vitality, to lessening your need for medication, it proves the long-held theory that your body was designed to move.

If you already love to exercise, you can certainly attest to this. For those not so fond of it, it’s important to find ways to make it fun, so it becomes something you want to do rather than a chore you feel compelled to do. And if you want to work out but feel like you’re too old, too overweight, or too many years have gone by since you’ve tried it, remember one important thing: It is NEVER too late to be healthy.

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Biohacking Made Simple: 31 Small Steps to Becoming Bulletproof

Being Bulletproof is a mindset. It doesn’t mean overhauling your entire diet or drinking Bulletproof Coffee every morning. Being Bulletproof just means you’re working toward a stronger version of yourself.

Did you swap grain-fed meat for grass-fed meat? You’re Bulletproof.

Did you meditate this morning? You’re Bulletproof.

Did you walk 20 minutes today, instead of zero? You’re Bulletproof.

Change exists on a spectrum, and every little upgrade to your biology matters. Adopt one of the Bulletproof principles below, or adopt them all. Either way, you’ve taken a step toward bettering yourself and your life. You’re already Bulletproof because you’re reading this post. You’re on the path to becoming more awesome.

That said, the more you do, the better you’ll feel.

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How to Let Go of Anger and Be Happy

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When we don’t allow ourselves to examine anger and realize why we feel that way, it can manifest in many ways. This post from Alternative Daily discusses how to let go of anger.

In our culture, we often demonize anger. We tend to equate it with flying off the handle, and with being irrational, as well as emotionally (and sometimes even physically) violent. As a result, many of us feel afraid of expressing our anger. But the truth is, anger is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s natural, and sometimes, it’s necessary in that it wakes us up to the things in our lives that are no longer serving us.

Problems — both in terms of our emotional and physical health — can occur when we hold our anger in. When we don’t allow ourselves to examine it and get to the bottom of why we feel that way. And sometimes, we get so good at bottling our anger up that we don’t even realize we’re doing it. So how do you know if this is the case for you? Here are some signs to look out for, as well as some steps you can take to let go of anger.

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